The Hunchback of Notre Dame



Director: Bruno Di Palo

Costumes and Props: Ilaria Mosca

Design, organisation and making of costumes for this reiterpretation of the musical, fused with the Disney cartoon and with the add of new characters such as th Gargoyles and griots.

Some of the costumes were made from scratch, other were the result of changes to existing souced items, through the phases of dyeing, bleaching and breakdown.

Costumes for the dancers, the nomad people: for the first act, the costumes are made up of sourced clothes, that have been broken down, dyed and bleached to have an used look. In the second act, when they are prisoners, the nomads wear plain white long shirts, while other dancers, the police, wear black and a headpiece. The Gargoyles, instead, wear long white tunics with tromphe l’oeil designs, as well as their make up, to look like the famous statues.

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