I Pagliacci


Opera by R. Leoncavallo

Costumes and set design proposal:

Ilaria Mosca

This reinterpretation of Leoncavallo’s work aims to attract young audiences to opera and draws inspiration from comics (Sin City) for the style and dark atmosphere, and the choice of using almost only red/black/white/gray. The clown protagonist is inspired by famous clown villains such as Joker or It-Pennywise, and the story is set in an undefined time ans space. The protagonists are a group of touring actors. In the second act, they “dress up” to go on stage, where we assist to a metatheatrical scene.

Costumes for the chorus and exstras: the chorus (children, women, men) play the people who whatch the  actors’ show and is in tones of grey, to appear like an undefined background.  The estras are mimo, wear black and white clothes with geometrical motifs and represent jugglers and waders.

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