Short film



Director: James Peaty

Costume Designer: Ilaria Mosca

Cinematographer: Alfie Biddle

Sound: Michael Clayton

Starring: David H.M. Williams, 

 “MAUREEN is the dark, yet blackly comic story of a strange relationship between an unnamed man and his partner, Graham. Conveyed in the form of a series of interlocking monologues, it soon becomes clear that perhaps the truth of this story is far more complicated than we’re initially led to believe…” 

Pink, as the wafers loved by Graham,  is a key colour in the choice of the outfits’ ones. The costume for the protagonist becomes more “feminine” as the film goes on,  adding new elements to the initial pink and blue outfit evey time he changes room: therefore in the bathroom sequence he uses yellowe rubber gloves and a pink sponge; in the closet scene he is wearing on top of his shirt the flower neglige we see in Graham’s death footage: in the final bedroom scene, he is now talking to a mysterious interlocutor, wearing male pink lace lingerie, the neglige and with an heavy make-up on. His “transformation” is now complete.

As regards Graham, he is portrayed as a greasy masculine man in blue shirt, the “traditional colour” for men. When he is “in touch with his feminine side” on the sofa eating a pink wafer, wears a silk neglige on top of his boxers and bare chest. 

The handsome young guy is instead portrayed as the typical leather jacket and t-shirt guy.

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