short film


Written and directed by: Tony Ogunyinka

Produced by: Adam Survey

Costume Design & Making by: Ilaria Mosca
Costume Standbys: Lydia Clark, Giada Santoro

Jujuman is a dark humour short following the story of a south east London gang leader, of Nigerian descents, who is forced to rethink his attitudes towards morality when he is confronted by a mysterious vigilante witchdoctor who appears to have placed a curse on him contrived to put his mothers life in danger.

For this project I got to research about Nigerian culture and costumes, about “Juju” and the magnificent and crazy costumes these Nigerian witchdoctors (called “Jujuman”) wear to execute their rituals, characterized by frantic movements and dances. The design of this character’s costume involved a study on movements, as well as fireproofing techniques, since he shoots fire from his mask’s mouth. Therefore I experimented with thermoplastics, and also hand-crafted all the jewelry and symbolic charms he’s wearing.

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