Burn the Patriarchy

Micro short film


Starring: Pippa Hinchley
Directed by: Charli Whatley
Produced by: Mario Theodorou
Writing Credits: Kristy Smith
Cinematography by: Ola Mesmer
Edited by: Matteo Fadda
Costume Design by: Ilaria Mosca
Make-up by: Addy Frame
Music by: Adam Paroussos
Sound Design by: Christodoulos Procopiou


Whilst Meena goes about her normal routine she begins to notice a physical aversion to anything rooted in the patriarchy. Burnt by the contents of the washing basket and electrocuted by a post-it reminding her to arrange her husband’s mum’s birthday gift, Meena’s confusion transforms to a sinister joy as she begins to realise the rest of the world are waking up to the same delightful horror.
Taking matters into her own hands the universe is restoring balance and saying ‘no more’ to the patriarchy.

“Outstanding Achievement” at Berlin Flash Film Festival.