from The Excursions of Mr. Brouček to the Moon and to the 15th Century

Live Performance


Director and costume Designer
Ilaria Mosca

Performer: Arya Pegaz

Costume and direction of a live performance based on the storyline of the character from Janacek’s opera. In this 1860s Italy, looking like a Futuristic painting, Kunka is a girl who free herself from the constraints of being a woman (symbolised by the crinoline/cage), and goes to fight for the independence of her country. After her father’s death during this war, she cover herself in pain with a red veil, symbolising the blood versed by the people who fought for the Italian independence, forming the colors of its flag. Transformable costume, consisting of a pleated skirt and a structure attached to the leather corset, with hidden pocket for the red veil.

Costume design for the other characters, in the three different worlds/acts:  the present (Italy 1920s), squared and grey as the Fascist architecture of that period; the Moon, populated by odd robotics people; the past (Italy 1860s), seen as a painting made by Futurism artists.

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