PROJECT DETAILS Kunka from The Excursions of Mr. Brouček to the Moon and to the 15th Century Live Performance 2016 Director and costume Designer Ilaria Mosca Performer: Arya Pegaz Costume and direction of a live performance based on the storyline of the character from Janacek’s opera. In this 1860s Italy, looking like a Futuristic painting, Kunka is a […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes​

PROJECT DETAILS The Emperor’s New Clothes 2017 Live performance proposal Concept, direction and costume design Ilaria Mosca Dystopic contemporary adaptation of Andersen’s fairytale, about the relationship between media and political power, and social media and society. Use of technologic devices on the costume. Creation of digital contents for the devices. During the performance, there is […]

I Pagliacci

PROJECT DETAILS I Pagliacci 2014 Opera by R. Leoncavallo Costumes and set design proposal: Ilaria Mosca This reinterpretation of Leoncavallo’s work aims to attract young audiences to opera and draws inspiration from comics (Sin City) for the style and dark atmosphere, and the choice of using almost only red/black/white/gray. The clown protagonist is inspired by […]