“Callisto” short film

PROJECT DETAILS Callisto Short film   2017 Producer, director and costume designer Ilaria Mosca Cinematographer and editor: Tim JollyAssistant director: Maggie R DrahovskaActress: Mona Al-Habib NmeirHair and make-up: Abi Harcourt Smith and Manuela Cultrera  Direction, production, costume and props design and making for this short film about the Greek myth of Callisto, set in a […]


PROJECT DETAILS Mirrors Music video for The Hod 2017 Starring: Cristina Salcedo Gomez Director: Celia Tang Producer: Shradha Sotang Videographer & Editor: Sylvia Shu Stylist & Costume design: Ilaria Mosca MUA: Rossella Rals Styling, designing and hand made painting of the outfits for the members of the alterative rock band playing in the studio, the female […]

The King of Hearts

PROJECT DETAILS The King of Hearts Short film   2018 Francis Hardy Productions Director: Susan Byron Costume Designer: Ilaria Mosca Cinematographer: Federico Gardin Starring: Julian London,  Annabel Medland, Muriel Van Cruchten and Stephen Moriaty. Ava looks for the ‘perfect story’ in a mysterious bookshop. Alice in Wonderland meets spy drama in this playful mash up, set […]

Far from land

PROJECT DETAILS Far from land Short film 2018 Director: Margot Gaultier Costume Designer: Ilaria Mosca Design and making of the costume for the final scene of the film, when the girl protagonist turns into a fish. The costume was designed to be used to shoot underwater scenes, with many layers of long pleated light fabric […]


PROJECT DETAILS Maureen Short film   2018 Director: James Peaty Costume Designer: Ilaria Mosca Cinematographer: Alfie Biddle Sound: Michael Clayton Starring: David H.M. Williams,   “MAUREEN is the dark, yet blackly comic story of a strange relationship between an unnamed man and his partner, Graham. Conveyed in the form of a series of interlocking monologues, it […]

Old Beginnings

PROJECT DETAILS Old Beginnings Short film   2018 Director: Suni Khan Producer: Lewis Partovi  Costume Designer: Ilaria Mosca Production Designer: Madge Healey Director of photography: Tom O’Keefe Starring: Hannah Arterton, Lewis Reeves, Harriet Green, Rupert Ratcliffe, Selina Giles, Shango Baku “WHAT IF THERE WAS A METHOD THAT ALLOWED YOU TO EXTINGUISH ALL THE FAILINGS OF THE […]