The Chair


The Chair

Short film



Director: Victor De Almeida

Producer: Dario Bocchini

DoP: Archie Guinchard

1st AD: Ewa Habdas

Production Assistant: Shirley Grana

Assist Camera: Chris Nguyen, Joe Heap

Script Supervisor: Marta De Nitto

Costume Designer: Ilaria Mosca

Production Designer: Amber Roe

Make-up artist: Margherita Scala

Starring: Robert Metson, Peter McPherson

“The Chair” is a psychological thriller all set in one room, the studio of the psychologist John, to which the surgeon Richard, accused of killing his colleague, goes to get therapy. The dialogue between the two men will lead to an unespected plot twist.

 I designed and sourced the costumes for the two characters: John, meticulous and posh, and Richard, devastated by the recent loss of his wife and daughter, and therefore wearing a totral bloack outfit, stylish but unkept.