The Emperor’s New Clothes​


The Emperor's New Clothes 2017

Live performance proposal

Concept, direction and costume design 

Ilaria Mosca

Dystopic contemporary adaptation of Andersen’s fairytale, about the relationship between media and political power, and social media and society. Use of technologic devices on the costume. Creation of digital contents for the devices.

During the performance, there is a costume transformations for The Emperor / Politician: from young ambitious politician, he is “dressed up” by the Spin Doctors with media. Through media he gains more and more power, until the truth about the protagonist is revealed by a Whistleblower, and he is now destroyed by them.

As regards the other characters of the story, we have:                               
 _The Spin Doctors: half human, half cybernethic beings, are the ones who “dress the Emperor”: they give him power through media, controlled by them.
 _The Mass Media Audience: the people, our society, wearing masks giving the effect their face are melted to their phones.                                   
_The Whistleblower: corresponding to the child in the tale, he is the one that reveals the truth to the mass media audience through a Tweet.