“Callisto” short film



Short film



Producer, director and costume designer Ilaria Mosca

Cinematographer and editor: Tim Jolly
Assistant director: Maggie R Drahovska
Actress: Mona Al-Habib Nmeir
Hair and make-up: Abi Harcourt Smith and Manuela Cultrera

 Direction, production, costume and props design and making for this short film about the Greek myth of Callisto, set in a medieval fantasy environment.
The protagonist is an huntress that, after being raped and made pregnant by Jovis, goes through two metamorphosis, first in bear and then in the constellation of Ursa Major.
The costume making included fur and leather dye and breakdown, as well the use of internal lights for the final transformation.
The project included the design for the costumes of the other characters present in the myth: Callisto’s son Arcas, her father Lycaeon, Jovis, Juno, the goddess Diana and her other nymphs/huntressess.